UTV Rally Raid Round 8 Race Report

#74 Chris Douthit

Round 8 Race Report

This past Saturday, we held the final race for the 2016 season of UTV Rally Raid. Round 8 was held in the bone chilling cold at Hawk Pride Mountain Off-Road park. As we do with every race, registration began at 10:00 AM; since the sun sets earlier this time of the year the drivers meeting was held shortly thereafter, at noon. At that time, we were able to catch up with a few of the racers to talk a little about the upcoming race as you see in the video below:

Somewhat surprisingly, there wasn’t much concern about the cold temperatures except for on the part of self-described “Florida boy” Chris Douthit; although, since we didn’t see him hugging his engine at any point like he thought he might, it would seem that he braved the frigid air more than adequately. Following the interviews, the parade lap, and transponder check, we were ready to grid the cars and start the race at 2:40. There was a significant amount of rain this week, and by the first lap car #1111 TC Racing had already broken their car and was out of the race. Throughout the course of the race there were at least 5 other cars that weren’t able to finish the full 4 hours. There were broken belts, ruts trying to get the drivers stuck, and even a car that flipped and landed right side up. Luckily enough, after the flip, #5 EMX Power Sports was somehow able to keep going. It was a race that was cold as it was eventful with some excitingly close finishes — namely in the 1000 Pro Class where #34 Ross Harrison was able to cling to his overall lead by one point.

The Round 8 winners for each class are as follows:

1st- #9972 Last Minute Racing (also had fastest lap)
2nd- #5 EMX Power Sports
3rd- #461 Jimmy Keys

1000 Pro
1st- #612 George White
2nd- #677 Greg Corken
3rd- #00 Mark Barnett

1000 Class:
1st- #722 Cole Racing
2nd- #74 Chris Douthit
3rd- #615 Hubert Rowland

900 Class:
1st- #13 Shane Pearson
2nd- #222 Randy Robinson

And congratulations to all final championship winners:

1st- #4 Tim Farr
2nd- #9972 Andy Adams
3rd- #461 Jimmy Keys

1000 Pro:
1st- #34 Ross Harrison
2nd- #612 George White
3rd- #00 Mark Barnett

1000 Class:
1st- #74 Chris Douthit
2nd- #722 Cole Racing
3rd- #718 Zach Martin

900 Class:
1st- #13 Shane Pearson
2nd- #123 Mike Beard
3rd- #213 Tristan McCulley

On behalf of everyone at Quantum Racing, home of the UTV Rally Raid we’d like to thank everyone for another great year. The 2017 schedule will be posted within the next couple of weeks.

Happy Holidays,
UTV Rally Raid Staff

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