UTV Rally Raid Round 7 Race Report

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Round 7 Race Report

While everyone was getting prepared, we took a second to catch up with #4 Tim Farr and #34 Ross Harrison, leaders of the Unlimited and 1000 Pro classes, respectively, to get their thoughts on the race.

Well, make no mistake: Round 7 was definitely a dusty one, as everyone expected. Everyone looked like Pigpen from Peanuts, and once the engines fired up and the race began, the dust billowing high into the air didn’t settle again until it was all over. #461 Jimmy Keys took full advantage of a less dusty first lap and sealed the deal on his best lap accolades right then and there with a cool 18min 14sec first lap. The vast majority of the following laps for all racers were safely in the 20min+ range. Naturally, the dust slowed everyone down; while we can normally expect 12 or 13 laps to be completed within the 4 hours, we only got up to 9 this Saturday—the laps only getting longer after sunset.

As far as results:

In the Unlimited Class, #4 Tim Farr drove a steady race and once again came out on top, #461 Jimmy Keys took second, and #9972 Andy Adams came in third.

In the 1000 Pro Class, #34 Ross Harrison came away with the win, #612 George White grabbed second, and #677 Greg Corken nabbed third in that wicked looking orange car of his.

In 1000 Class, #722 Cole Racing came away with first, #901 Peck and Sons finished second, and #74 Chris Douthit finished third.

For 900 Class, #213 Tristan McCully took first, #685 Riggs Racing made second, and #13 Shane Pearson crossed 3rd.

Everyone was a champ this week for battling that dust, and we hope to see you all out there again for another good time at Round 8 on December 10th. It will be our last race this season, and the points are getting tight. Until then!

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