UTV Rally Raid Round 8 Race Report

#74 Chris Douthit

Round 8 Race Report This past Saturday, we held the final race for the 2016 season of UTV Rally Raid. Round 8 was held in the bone chilling cold at Hawk Pride Mountain Off-Road park. As we do with every race, registration began at 10:00 AM; since the sun sets earlier this time of the year the drivers meeting was held shortly thereafter, at noon. At that time, we were able to catch up with a few of the racers to talk a little about the upcoming race as you…

UTV Rally Raid Photos December 2016

#34 Ross Harrison

UTV Rally Raid December 2016 Photos Check out our awesome December 2016 photos from UTV Rally Raid Round 8. As always, it was an awesome time at the track. Enjoy the gallery! You can view the photos here, or, if you click on one, you will visit our Facebook page and can scroll through the gallery. While you’re there go ahead and like our page!

UTV Rally Raid Video December 2016

Aerial View of Course

UTV Rally Raid December 2016 Video A chilly but GREAT day of racing for the final round of UTV Rally Raid 2016! Thank you to all who continue to come out and support the series. It wouldn’t be possible without you all. We are locking in the 2017 schedule and will have it posted shortly! Be sure to visit our facebook page for the latest information. Here’s our December 2016 video. Enjoy! You can find other videos here on our site, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube.

UTV Rally Raid Round 7 Race Report

November Race Photo

Round 7 Race Report While everyone was getting prepared, we took a second to catch up with #4 Tim Farr and #34 Ross Harrison, leaders of the Unlimited and 1000 Pro classes, respectively, to get their thoughts on the race. Well, make no mistake: Round 7 was definitely a dusty one, as everyone expected. Everyone looked like Pigpen from Peanuts, and once the engines fired up and the race began, the dust billowing high into the air didn’t settle again until it was all over. #461 Jimmy Keys took full…